Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

This is me,what's yours?


You are Blue Sheep type, who is gentle to others and have calm attitude and a quiet atmosphere around you.
You can make other people feel good, and yet at the same time you have a natural instinct to see people's insight.
You can turn things into your own pace as well.
You are a person of knowledge, and can provide wide range of information.
You are very quick on trends.
Unlike your outlooks, you have guts to fight.
You can build relationships based on each other's interests.
You have a will power to achieve your set objective by carefully planning your schedules.
Although you have bright brains and clear mind to analyze things, you tend to leave the decision on lapse of time.
Your weakness is you can be slow on decision making and putting into action.
You are good at competition and have great ambition.
Your success lies in cooperating with others and trying to be helpful to others.
You put priority in economics, and try to stable the household budget.

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